Khuthaza Foundation

Passionate about uplifting communities through food and environmental sustainability.


Our mission is to inspire healthier communities across South Africa by connecting people to real food, and to empower them to take climate action and advocate for proper waste management practices. Our approach is inclusive and proactive, we believe in engaging members of communities who share our values of respect and sustainability. Together, we are determined to contribute to a healthy and sustainable future for current and future generations.


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Khuthaza Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization and Company passionate about uplifting communities through food and environmental sustainability. Guided by the United Nations Sustainable Goals (SDGs) Khuthaza Foundation focuses on three critical objectives – No Poverty, Zero Hunger and Responsible Consumption and Production. We believe that shared food sovereignty is the key to eradicating hunger and poverty; we work alongside communities to establish sustainable food gardens as a primary way to create food security in informal settlements, rural and peri-urban areas.


Availability – Ensuring nutritious food is readily available to those who are in need
Access – Growing vegetable gardens in communities where there is involvement and access
Utilization – Effective harvesting, sharing and education on preserving and keeping fresh produce for longer
Stability – Creating a sustainable model from seed to fork


Mitigation – Slowing the rate of global warming through Carbon Sequestration
Adaptation – Changing our behaviour to adapt to the climate change, rethinking water and land usage
Resilience – Creating economic and social systems that are future-proof by planning for possible disasters, like drought, flooding, or famine
Action – We walk our talk – we know that by acting now we can help reduce global warming


Prevention – We use education to prevent pollution and poor waste management
Reduce – by promoting less plastic
Reuse – demonstrating ways to keep usable products from being thrown away
Recycling – creating eco-bricks, separating, recycling, and repurposing waste
Recovery – restoring the biodiversity in nature through cleanup initiatives
Disposal – ensuring responsible disposal through the proper channels


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Khuthaza Foundation works with organisations and communities in impoverished areas to identify sustainable projects that are meaningful to the community as a whole. We plan, organise and host events and invite members of the public and businesses to get involved in whatever way they can. Some prefer to help with funding, while others choose to give up their valuable time to join us at an event. Volunteers get to put in a physically rewarding day’s work or offer much needed moral support. We’re usually outside in nature whether it be cleaning up the environment, building and harvesting vegetable gardens or planting trees. It’s always fun and you are sure to come away with ‘helper’s high.’

Our Partners

Khuthaza Foundation partners with organisations and businesses that share our vision of eradicating poverty and hunger. We have partnered up with multiple partners from a variety of different industries. One thing they all have in common is a strong sense of responsibility to make a tangible contribution to uplifting communities in a considered, inclusive way.

If you would like to partner with us to make a real difference in people’s lives, reach out to us on