April Lockdown Ecobrick challenge

We are experiencing a global pandemic which is effecting all our lives. For a weeks (and maybe more) people around the world are self isolating and quarantining, in an effort to slow down the Covid-19 virus and “flatten the curve”, which means alleviate the congestion the hospitals and health care workers will experience if there is an overcrowding of facilities and a drain on resources. We are all (I hope) doing are part and staying home, indoors, only going out for life preserving provisions, keeping a social distance when we do go out,sanitizing and washing our hands as often as possible.

The earth and our cities has never been cleaner, animals are returning to places where humans once roamed and pollution is at the lowest it has been in many many years.

So what can we do to maintain this earth-friendly trend while stuck indoors?

We can make eco-bricks.

While we are indoors, eating food that comes in non-recyclable plastics, we can use that as a valuable resource in making eco-bricks. See our how to make an ecobrick guide.

You can enter our Ecobrick competition. 

We have 2 ECO HAMPERS courtesy of the amazing  RAW ORGANIC SKINCARE (@raw_organicskincare) who offer a range of over 50 exclusive products which are Effective, Affordable and Organic and made with Love, and are stunning to use (even on sensitive skin types) and good for your body, mind and soul..

First prize valued at over R400 is for the person who makes the most ec0-bricks (eco-bricks must be complete, ie don’t dent(too much) when squeezed and weigh at least 500g or more.

The second hamper will go to the most creative eco-brick (using colours or patterns etc) 

This is a fun activity that anyone can do while in lockdown, and will help to maintain the clean environment that we are seeing around us right now. 

By keeping non-recyclable plastic out of our landfills and into our eco-bricks we can look forward to a world free of Corona virus and plastic in our oceans. All eco-bricks collected will go to a future project where will be creating sustainable vegetable gardens for those in need of fresh produce. Check out our previous projects on our website.

Competition closes when Lockdown ends and we look forward to seeing your pictures.

Happy Ecobricking and stay safe!!

Event Date: 2020-04-01 00:00:00
Event Location: Online

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