Boitshepo Creche Food Drive

Our second event will be featured at the Biotshepo Creche.

The Khuthaza Foundation second food drive will run between 13th April – 24th April.

Participate by donating any amount towards a parcel!

Each parcel consist of the following items:
5kg Maize meal,
2kg rice
4 canned food
2l cooking oil
2 pkts soup
1 box of 52 tea bags
1kg sugar
1lx6 long life milk
1 bath soap bar
750ml bottle dishwashing liquid
400g tub peanut butter
1kg Onions
various vegetable seeds
Spekboom Planting Program
coloring book and crayons

Imagine.nation banking details:
Account name: imagine.nation association
Bank: First National Bank number 62597805202
Branch code : 200-607
Account Type: Current Account (use Cheque Account if the above is not an option)
Reference: COVID_[Insert Your Name]
SWIFT code for international payments: FIRNZAJJ

For more information, please contact

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