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Khuthaza Foundation

Welcome to the Khuthaza Foundation website!

We, the founders of Khuthaza Foundation, are passionate about sustainability and the custodians of responsible production and consumption because it promises to reduce future economic, environmental and social costs, strengthen economic competitiveness and reduce poverty. 

The concepts of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ are not common terms in most parts of South Africa. In school, we were taught to avoid littering and save water as much as possible, but the benefits of doing so were never discussed. Ninety percent of all the plastic ever created has never been recycled.

Therefore, we need to start having a proactive discussion and change in behaviour, regarding the importance of sustainability in our communities, as well as the benefits it has towards ensuring a healthy and sustainable future for current and future generations. Every generation has its own duty to society and we believe that it is our duty to facilitate a fundamental shift of perspective regarding sustainability and responsible consumption, and the role we all have to play.

We have projects involving cleanups, tree planting for carbon dioxide sequestration, vegetable gardens to fight food insecurity and the making, collection and usage of Ecobricks. You can volunteer for any of our ongoing projects, make Ecobricks and make use of one of our convenient drop off locations, or register to become a drop-off point, wherever you are. 

We are Khuthaza Foundation and we are here to help our planet and with your help, we can.

“Sustainability is a new idea to many people, and many find it hard to understand. But all over the world, there are people who have entered into the exercise of imagining and bringing into being a sustainable world. They see it as a world to move toward not reluctantly, but joyfully, not with a sense of sacrifice, but a sense of adventure. A sustainable world would be much better than the one we live in today.” 

― Donella H. Meadows