Khuthaza Foundation


We can’t do what we do without your help

Join us out in nature on one (or more!) events.


Once we’ve identified a suitable location where a cleanup with community involvement is possible, we get to work liaising with donors for sponsorship of refuse bags and gloves, we arrange collection and responsible disposal of refuse with local council or government. What comes next is where you can get involved. Join us on the day to help us collect as much refuse and pollution as possible. Click here for upcoming Cleanup events.


Planting a food garden in a community where there isn’t enough to eat is a rewarding (some say life changing) experience. Behind the scenes, a lot of work goes into planning sustainable gardens that the community is committed to caring for, and that has the necessary partners and funding for the garden to have the most impact. When planting day arrives, you can dig in building raised beds from ecobricks, preparing beds and planting seedlings. If you don’t want to get as physical, you can help out at our refreshment stations or leading small groups of volunteers.  Click here for upcoming Community Garden events


Reforestation or restoration projects to protect the natural environment is so critical to fighting climate change. Our practices are environmentally sustainable and involve the local community, neighbours, and businesses working towards a shared piece of natural land. As a volunteer at a Tree Planting event, you get to connect with nature and make friends while giving something back to the surrounding environment. Click here for upcoming Tree Planting events.

We can’t do what we do without your help.

Join us out in nature on one (or more!) events.