Khuthaza Foundation

World Clean-Up Day 2019

What is World Clean-Up Day?

World Cleanup Day has become one of the biggest environmental civic movements of our time, uniting 180 countries across the world for a cleaner planet. The event is celebrated with litter clean-up events and waste management activities in every time zone.  

The 2019 event united more than 20 million people. Volunteers and partners came together to rid our planet of trash – cleaning up litter and mismanaged waste from our beaches, rivers, forests, and street

Who started World Cleanup Day?

Let’s Do It World (LDIW) is a global organization that unites more than 150 countries. World Cleanup Day is the biggest event organized by LDIW. Each country has a leader or a group of leaders, who work day and night, often as volunteers, to mobilize the people in their countries for World Cleanup Day. 

Each country addresses the issues surrounding waste that are most pressing for them. LDIW provides guidance, advice and leadership skills for anyone willing to commit time to the cause. The incredible people leading these 180 countries are nothing short of being heroes of our time.

This year’s event took place on Saturday, September 21st. It coincided with Peace Day and the global climate strike that took place from September 20th-27th.

Khuthaza Foundation had the privilege to take part in the event, tackling the Robyn Park area with volunteers – ensuring that the area was clean of all refuse after the event. Pilates Plus ensured that the community was well warmed up and ready to go before the fun started.

Why have a World Clean-Up Day?

This event manages to harness the power of everyday people in a concerted effort to save the planet. Its beauty lies in cooperation and collaboration: building bridges between diverse communities and including all levels of society – from citizens to corporate, to government.

Anyone can pick up trash. But World Cleanup Day has become so much more than that. Schools, companies, government officials – the old, the young, the rich, the poor, the able and less able – everyone contributed. Because they wanted to be involved in making their home a better place, and they were given an opportunity to help.Khuthaza Foundation together with almost 30 volunteers collected more than one and a half tons of waste and we’re planning on doubling that amount in 2020.

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